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Euro trip. Chapter1: Bucovice-Prague-Nuremberg-Leipzig-Dresden

   Begin to write something every time is complicated for me. Any way i should start. So this trip was somehow unplanned. Where to go, stay ... everything planned on way. 
  Trip started 2nd of July from Bucovice to Prague. Made reservation on "Hotel Globus" for one night. After check-inn we went to centre walk, see landmarks  of Prague. Additional we have a lunch at asian cafe. 
   3rd July. Next our plan was drove from Prague to Munich stay one night in camp hostel, visit Munich Zoo. But plans changed on way and we decided drove first Nuremberg to see my friend. Made reservation at "Azimut Hotel". As we arrived earlier check-inn was after 3PM, parked car and we decided not to waste time go and see Nuremberg. We have a lunch some soup and german sausage. And also for 30 euros we took city tour by bus about 2 hour. We saw almost whole city with information (recommended). Evening we meet my friend have a lunch thanks special thanks Fagani. Before driving to Leipzig i discovered that my car needs green sticker which i need to buy from TUV center. It's costs 6 euro. You just need car registration document. 
  4th July. Morning we went to see Nuremberg zoo. Expected to see animals but most of them seem went to holidays ))). Afternoon friend invited to his apartment. Thanks his wife she prepared delicious "boyrek" that's was so tasty.  About 4PM took way to Leipzig. City was very nice. I liked it. Evening went to see city centre. By our chance there was "Wine festival". We tasted some of german sweet wines. Plans for next day was drove to Dresden.
  5th July. Route took about 1:30 hours. As previous cities we liked city. Parked car near hotel, made check-inn after all we went to city centre for what we come here. Shopping)))). We were at some malls. Super excited. Dresden also one of cities which on 2nd WR almost destroyed. City planned very well. 
   6th July. After checkout again we walked through one of mall which in city centre. After completely run out we decided drove back to Bucovice. About 4hr not ending driving. Finally about 10PM we arrived. 
   This trip is my first trip with car which i drove and enjoyed whole trip with my love.

Hotels where we stayed:
  • Hotel Globus Prague 
  • Azimut Hotel Nuremberg
  • City Suite Art Leipzig
  • Hotel & Apartments Altstadperle  Dresden

Car survived trip: Skoda Fabia 1.4 16v 2004

German Emission Sticker

Overall: 1268 km by car 


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