Service Hosting - KVM documentation

Host System Requirements:

Minimum host system requirements
6 GB free disk space.2 GB RAM. Recommended system requirements
One core or thread for each virtualized CPU and one for the host.
2 GB of RAM, plus additional RAM for virtual machines.6 GB disk space for the host, plus the required disk space for the virtual machine(s). KVM Hypervisor Requirements:
an Intel processor with the Intel VT-x and Intel 64 virtualization extensions for x86-based systems; oran AMD processor with the AMD-V and the AMD64 virtualization extensions. Installing the Virtualization Packages:

To use virtualization on OL7, at minimum, you need to install the following packages:

# yum install qemu-kvm libvirt
qemu-kvm: This package provides the user-level KVM emulator and facilitates communication between hosts and guest virtual machines.qemu-img: This package provides disk management for guest virtual machines.
The qemu-img package is installed as a dependency of the qemu-kvm package.
libvirt: This package pro…

Docker basic commands (podman)

Docker basic commands. Also use full for podman.docker search <image-name> - search for image in docker-hubdocker run <options> <image-name> - by default docker will run command foreground. For running background use -d option, -it interact with the container instead of just seeing the output, --name option for giving friendly name when lunching containerdocker logs <friendly-name|container-id> - container standard err or standard out messagesdocker inspect <friendly-name|container-id> - more detailed information about running containerdocker ps - list all running docker containersdocker run -p <host-port>:<container-port> - define ports you want to bind, when running conatinerdocker port <friendly-name|container-id> - list port mappings or a specific port mapping for container-v <host-dir>:<container-dir> - mounts container-dir to host-dirdocker stop <friendly-name|container-id> - stopping run…

3rd Month

It's very hard for me to begin write something. I think that's in my nature. In this post i will write what happened last three month in new job. Well from my previous post i wrote my expectations for first week. Lets continue. Past three months everything dramatically changed. Year 2020 show us another face of life.  Everyone knows new terminology COVID-19. That's root of changes. Quarantine, quarantine... While writing this post it still continues over the world. In that reason about 50 days we have HO. So, what changed in my life. Actually nothing ))). For person who adopted live in his own world. But during quarantine i study a lot for my carrier purpose. Another great think thanks to quarantine i learned how to properly cook. Even making soup from "axe".
   Lets move to the work. What to say i don't know. For past three month about workplace, system, management it's not bad. But one thing is worrying me that i don't have any tasks, work to do…

First week in new Job

    I don't know how to begin. Any way let's begin from beginning of this way. Firstly i want to  thank to all who reached, interviewed, offered this job. Finally after about 6 month i'm here in huge company in the world . Why it took about 6 month after offer. Because visa process took very long time. Once i get visa, bought ticket to fly from Kutaisi (Georgia) to Prague (Czechia) in 25th of January. Staying one night in Prague and tomorrow i came to Brno. And new life began. 3rd of February was New Comers Day which all new employees who begin this day attended this event. Event took about 4 hours where beautiful girls from HR team give us information about company process. In the end team leader of our team took us to our workplace with our new laptops. While writing this post it's my 5th day. Everything goes as expected....

Install Cisco AnyConnect on Ubuntu

  In this post i will show how to  install Cisco AnyConnect on Ubuntu 19.10.
First download soft from below link or from site
Once archive file  downloaded, extract it:
    $ tar xvf anyconnect-predeploy-linux-64-3.1.14018-k9.tar.gz

cd extracted folder:
    $ cd anyconnect-3.1.14018/vpn/

install  Cisco AnyConnect using this command:
    $ sudo ./

After installing you can open application. If application not opening. You have to install libpangox-1.0-0 to solve problem:
$ sudo apt-get install libpangox-1.0-0
That's all.

Linux basic shell commands

Hi everyone
In this post i will write about basic shell commands.
cp - copy files and directoriesmv - move files and directoriesmkdir - create directoriesln - make soft and hard linksgrep - print lines that match patternstouch - create, change and modify timestamps of a filewc - printing newline, word and byte counts for filesfdisk - manipulate disk partition tabledf - manipulate disk partition tablefree - Display amount of free and used memory in the systemtop - display Linux processesps - report a snapshot of the current processesjobs - show jobs running paused jobs in bgmount - mount a filesystemmkfs - build a Linux filesystemls - list directory contents

My RHCSA certificate

Hi every one.

    I created this post last week before my RHCSA exam. Firstly i want write how i become RHCSA. I got some certificates including sport related certificates. My first certificate was CCNA for geting this it took for me about 3 years. Last year of my bachelour degree i began interesting in networking. Of course why , because i fill in lov ewith command promt. From networking it took me to the world of open source . First distro i installed on my pc was Ubuntu . I still you Ubuntu. Beacuse it has most friendly interface. From that time firstly i interested in LPIC certificates which one i got last year. While passing my CompTIA Linux+. Be honestly i made mistake getting this certificate. Itself its not bad cert . While preparing this certificate you learn a lot. Also i read Sanders RHEL cert guide. Which helped me a lot passing my RHCSA.
     Let's talk about exam day. Whole night i was unable sleep. In my dreams i only see "lvreduce" command. Which was my n…