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How To Reset root pass in RHEL 7 & CentOS 7

        Hi every one in this post i will show you, how to reset  forgot root password in RHEL_7 & CentOS_7 . Short record of the prosses i will post later.     In previous post i used "init=/bin/sh" for resetting but now i will show another way of resetting root pass. Let's begin      First in grub loader menu tab  'e'  enter edit boot options from here go to line beginig with 'linux16' in this line delete words 'rhgb', 'quite' and add  'rd.break' press 'Ctrl+x'  and we boot in emergency mode where system mount to "sysroot" . Enter below commands: mount -o remount,rw /sysroot       #remount as read write /sysroot chroot /sysroot      #change root folder to sysroot passwd   #for resetting root password touch /.autorelabel         #for selinux   exit    #twice enter exit     After above steps, you will success reset root password.