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AWS info

Virtual Servers ● EC2- the classic, the original. Virtual servers on shared hardware similar to VMWare. General purpose computing. ● Associated services: Auto Scaling Groups, Elastic Load Balancers ● Container services:○ECS - Elastic Container Service ● EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service ● Fargate - Serverless Containers ● Lightsail - actually EC2's but simple as heck Code As A Service ● Lambda - executes individual functions (in a variety of programming languages) on an ad-hoc on-demand basis and you pay by the millisecond of elapsed compute time○Go, Rust, Java, .NET, Python, Node, Ruby, or custom runtimes ● The glue that holds AWS together○Dozens of other services have “hooks” such that “when XYZ event occurs, run this Lambda” ● Little code snippets can augment your S3 buckets, Cognito user pools, SQS queues, and so many more Bundling Services That Deploy Applications With Compute Under The Hood ● Elastic Beanstalk - upload application packages and it provisions Elastic Load Bala