3rd Month

    It's very hard for me to begin write something. I think that's in my nature. In this post i will write what happened last three month in new job. Well from my previous post i wrote my expectations for first week. Lets continue. Past three months everything dramatically changed. Year 2020 show us another face of life.  Everyone knows new terminology COVID-19. That's root of changes. Quarantine, quarantine... While writing this post it still continues over the world. In that reason about 50 days we have HO. So, what changed in my life. Actually nothing ))). For person who adopted live in his own world. But during quarantine i study a lot for my carrier purpose. Another great think thanks to quarantine i learned how to properly cook. Even making soup from "axe".
   Lets move to the work. What to say i don't know. For past three month about workplace, system, management it's not bad. But one thing is worrying me that i don't have any tasks, work to do. Only learning. For hard work person it's very hard. You don't have specific learning path. So you moving like traveler without map. You learning trying learn everything which possible. Learning like this, has it's backwards. Because learning without implementing it's like dreams. From time to time forgetting. For hardening knowledge you need participate. Let's hope after quarantine finally we will work.
   So, that's end of this post and beginning point of others...

P.S. I'm not professional English speaker and writer. Just following my heart and brain.


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