Linux basic shell commands

Hi everyone
In this post i will write about basic shell commands.
  1. cp - copy files and directories
  2. mv - move files and directories
  3. mkdir - create directories
  4. ln - make soft and hard links
  5. grep - print lines that match patterns
  6. touch - create, change and modify timestamps of a file
  7. wc - printing newline, word and byte counts for files
  8. fdisk - manipulate disk partition table
  9. df - manipulate disk partition table
  10. free - Display amount of free and used memory in the system
  11. top - display Linux processes
  12. ps - report a snapshot of the current processes
  13. jobs - show jobs running paused jobs in bg
  14. mount - mount a filesystem
  15. mkfs - build a Linux filesystem
  16. ls - list directory contents


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